Candidates Erste Group

wir machen was candidates – Erste Group


Barbara Pichler

Employees’ Council

Andreas Lachs

Employees’ Council

Martin Binder

Treasury Servicing & Solutions

Regina Haberhauer

Product Management

Andreas Slama-Rapp


Manfred Filaus

Financial Institutions

Markus Haag

Accounting AT & Group Statutory Reporting

Monika Letifi

Employees’ Council

Jakob Hofstädter

Finanzierungen B2B

Wolf-Jürgen Graf von Baudissin

LC Deal Execution & Customer Service

Marianne Glaser

Vertrieb Remote & Service

Erich Pfneisl

GSA Geldservice

Thomas Hofbauer

Market & Liquidity Risk

Regina Strasser

Restructuring Corporates

Рetra Рerzinger

Credit Underwriting Corporates

Michael Fehrenbach

Group (Cyber)Physical Security

Monika Kratky

Trade Finance Sales

Thomas Pal

Occupational Health & Safety

Heidelinde Flasch

Treasury Servicing & Solutions

Thomas Melzer

Custody and Settlement

Alexandra Votava

COO GRC and Outsourcing

Oto Krul

Treasury Servicing & Solutions

Harald Rossmann

Group Controlling

Daniela Schindler

Treasury Processing

Franz Tucek

Front Office

Thomas Nemec

Workplace Experience

Rainer Kunz

Group Corporates and Markets

Tina Mielnikowicz

Operational Accounting Banks

Günter Prünner

Group BCM and Crisis Management

Constantin-Ovidiu Aganencei

Cash Management & Digital Sales

Edhem Recica

Group BCBS 239 Independent Validation

Karin Heitzinger-Daxböck


Christian Klikovich

Group Markets Execution

Claudia Rappold

GCRE Business Development & Execution

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