wir machen was keeps the right course for you even in stormy times.

We are facing many changes and big challenges.

Our employees in the Group are asking legitimate questions:

  • Changes in the Management Board of Erste Group and Erste Bank
    Will only the management change or also the strategy? Will my activities stay in the bank?
  • New operating and business model
    What will my job be when customer needs change and processes become automated?
  • Chances and risks of digitization
    How is my job changing? What opportunities and perspectives do I have? What should I be able to do in the future? Which training offers do I get?
  • Less staff, more work pressure
    How should fewer employees handle more and more tasks? Will I have to work more overtime? How can I stay healthy and reconcile work and private life?
  • New world of work
    Are we working together as a team or am I on my own as a “lone fighter”? Who helps me with tool problems and learning new technologies? Is everything being recorded and evaluated?
  • Permanent changes
    Is nothing fix anymore? Will I only be controlled by others? Who says thank you for my commitment? Are respect and appreciation for employees a thing of the past?
  • Cost and earnings targets
    Are employees seen only as a cost factor, or as the decisive success factor for satisfied customers? How do I get a fair share of the company’s success?

You benefit from our competence, perseverance and assertiveness.
You can count on the experienced and stable team of wir machen was.
Give your vote to Ilse Fetik and Barbara Pichler als employees’ council chairwoman in Erste Bank or Erste Group respectively.

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