Health and Family

wir machen was has effectively supported you in reconciling work and private life, and in specific professional and life situations.

Read on – some examples:

✓ Especially for apprentices:

  • Health program specifically for young employees
  • Training as first aid provider
  • Increase of meal subsidy

✓ Especially for employees with health issues

  • Expansion of the re-entry possibilities after a long illness
  • Phasing-out of overtime packages to mitigate the financial impact
  • Financial support in case of severe diseases of employees and close relatives in the Erste Group by the European Workers Social Affairs Fundnds

✓ Especially for employees in retail:

  • Arrangements for planning the deployment times on long days and on Saturdays
  • Introduction of free fruits and tea/coffee in the branches
  • Introduction of shopping card for branches outside Vienna

✓ Especially for parents:

  • Setup of our company kindergartens MiniCampus and MiniTower and care for children during school-free days and in summer
  • Financial support of parents at child care, for children with special needs, for single parents etc.
  • Information of parents about important legal provisions, such as parental leave, child care benefit, family bonus, parental leave

✓ Especially for people with care responsibilities:

  • Entitlement to full-time 4 day week as variant of a parental part time
  • Legal claim for time to care for a baby until the first birthday
  • Legal right to nursing sabbatical and nursing part-time

✓ For everyone:

  • Extension of the company agreement “Respectful Behavior in the Workplace”
  • Regulation that managers are responsible for respecting off-duty hours of the employees (vacation, sick leave, work-free time)
  • Support of health-promoting and safety measures and seminars together with Health Center and Security

✓ For workplace equipment:

  • Extension of the possibility of mobile working
  • Accompany the move to the Campus and in branches
  • Initiatives to improve environmental and noise problems

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