Introducing us

A short introduction of wir machen was

What does wir machen was mean?
• it is German for “we do something”.
• Just like our company name “Erste” is not translated into other languages, we also decided to see our list name as a brand and not translate it.

Who are we?
• an independent employee representative list within Erste Bank Group

What do we do?
• effective representation of the interests of the people in the Erste Bank Group

What does our network consist of?
• over 460 persons
• numerous experts
• employees’ council chairpersons in Erste Bank Holding, s Bausparkasse, sSC, sDG, OM, EGP, EBR
• chairperson of the European Employees’ Council

What are our strengths?
• competence
• experience
• bargaining power
• discretion

What are the priorities in our program?
• fair pay
• healthy working times
• secure job

What rules do we observe?
• our defined principles

What advantages do we offer?
• up to date information
• contribute ideas and suggestions
• discuss substantive positions
• participate in the decision making process

What financial contribution do we expect?
• no fixed contribution
• voluntary donations are possible

How do we inform each other?
• personally
• via e-mail
• in jour fixes

How do I become member of wir machen was?
• by agreeing to our principles
• inclusion in our mailing list
• invitations to events


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