Job and Career

wir machen was effectively supports you on your journey through the Erste family, from entry level, to promotion, until your retirement.

Continue to read – some examples:

Especially for apprentices:

  • Better grading in salary scheme
  • Introduction of clothing subsidy
  • Time-off for driver’s license exam

Especially for new employees:

  • Verification of classification and pre-service time crediting
  • Assistance in the extension of fixed-term employment
  • Support with training and exams

Especially for experienced employees:

  • Carrying out of salary checks
  • Assessment of financial impact after career jumps, exams, job changes, transfers
  • Support with courses and hearings

Especially for women:

  • Analysis of the gender pay gap and analysis of pay increases and bonus awards on gender differences
  • Improvement of parental leave credit for classification in collective agreement
  • Expansion of part-time opportunities for managers and interim management positions (intermediate solution until the return from leave)

Especially for employees in retail:

  • Simplification of the certification/recertification process
  • Improvements for reimbursements of training costs
  • Impetus to resource expansion in the foyer service

Especially for employees from other countries:

  • Advice for cross-border commuters
  • Assistance in negotiating market salaries for persons transferred to Vienna
  • Detailed advice on the Austrian social system

For everyone:

  • Rules for introduction of the grading system
  • Elimination of bonus award quotas
  • Escalation measures in case of non-agreement on goals and on the outcome of the appraisal

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