Money and Services

wir machen was effectively supported you in your income development and has saved you money.

Read on – some examples:

✓ Especially for apprentices:

  • Better grading in salary scheme
  • Increase of meal allowance
  • Introduction of clothing subsidy

✓ Especially for new employees:

  • Salary check to check grading and pre-employment crediting
  • Salary check to check for potential regrading in salary scheme after completion of training

✓ Especially for experienced employees:

  • Joint service anniversary celebrations for Erste Bank and Erste Group
  • New choice between time and money at the service anniversary
  • Works agreement for incentivized pre-pension models
  • Establishment of a labour foundation for employees who are reorienting their career

✓ Especially for women:

  • Analysis of income gap and agreement of improvement measures
  • Analysis of promotions and bonus awards for gender differences

✓ Especially for employees on parental leave:

  • Improvement in the qualification of off-time towards salary scheme classification
  • Improvement in the qualification of off-time for pension fund contributions

✓ Especially for retail employees:

  • Financial support for fruit baskets in the branches
  • Financial support for employees in provincial branches, as a substitute for the Campus offers
  • Increase in food allowance sum for employees without meals at their work place

✓ For everyone:

  • Elimination of the limitation of the number of employees who receive a bonus
  • Establishment of the Erste Employee Share Foundation and implementation of the voting rights transfer
  • Increase of the contribution to the Pension Fund for employees with salaries below the maximum social security contribution base
  • Conducting numerous salary checks and working out negotiating arguments
  • Grading in case of new assignments and transfers
  • Grading after completion of examinations and courses
  • Verification of compulsory reclassifications and compliance with competency ratios

✓ Save money through service offers:

  • Significant expansion of services, e.g. discount vouchers, grants, etc.
  • Implementation of the purchasing platforms “Erste Mitarbeiterwelt CorpLife” and “corporate Benefits”
  • Cheap parking offer near the Campus
  • Voucher distribution as a thank you to the employees, e.g. at Christmas, after renovation, during heat waves, in case of enourmous workload, etc.
  • Organization of various company outings


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