My Income

My Incomemore money in the wallet

wir machen was demands a fair share of the “wealth for all” for the employees, and helps you to save costs.

Read on, what we want to achieve in the next 5 years:

✓ Transparency and Fairness

  • Regular Salary and Career Check
  • Disclosure of average salary and market value ranges
  • Provision of calculation tools (e.g., tax calculator, salary calculator)

Professional development

  • Expanding the professional career
  • Effective promotion of women to close the income gap
  • No career break when taking a time-out

Expand your choicees

  • Introduction of tax-saving initiatives
  • Allowances and overtime in time or money
  • Introduction of component pricing in the canteen, choices in branches, increase meal allowance

Work-life balance

  • Expandion of regular Campus childcare services and solutions for the branches
  • Expand support for parents during holidays and on school-free days
  • No interruption of career in case of leave of absence

Empower employees

  • Recognition of commitment and performance
  • More fixed salary – lower share of variable salary components
  • Fair, binding bonus allocation criteria

Respect and appreciation in the workplace

  • Respectful and appreciative treatment of the generations (eg. career change, training)
  • Fair pay and compensation for increased cost of living
  • Establishment of social care management for domestic and foreign colleagues

Save costs

  • Launch of mobility bonus (e.g. annual pass, gas vouchers, parking)
  • No pro-rating of cost subsidies by working time factor
  • Increase employee benefits (e.g., parking, shopping benefits)


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