My Job

My Jobmore appreciation and perspective

wir machen was calls for a respectful interaction with each other and helps you on your way to the future.

Transparency and fairness

  • Establishment professional conflict management
  • Opportunities for young and old – developing intergenerational work
  • Barrier-free accessibility to the workplace, education, career opportunities

Professional development

  • Elimination of all barriers to applications
  • Qualification Initiative (eg. future skills, fit for digital, women in IT)
  • Expansion of tutoring activity and recognition of mentoring role in targets, payment and resource planning

Expand choices

  • Change of working time factor
  • Change in responsibilities
  • Enable learning next to the job (eg. working time factor, vacation days for education)

✓ Reconciliation of work and private life

  • Respect for the desire to observe the working time factor, consideration of the need to plan work time, no order for regular overtime
  • Respect for changing living and working situations
  • Respect for more frequent and longer recovery periods due to increasing work pressure

Strengthen the employees

  • Entitlement to time for education as an important investment in the future
  • Right to retraining in case of job loss
  • Recognition of experience, commitment and performance

Respect and appreciation in the workplace

  • #believeinyou attitude also towards employees (eg. ideas exchange)
  • Promotion of people with health issues
  • Development of an employee retention program

Investment in Health and Safety

  • further expansion of security training
  • Review working conditions and adherence to the sharing ratio on the Campus and branches
  • Investment in noise protection and indoor climate


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