My Work Time

My Work Time – more time for my life

wir machen was demands a good balance between work and private life and helps you to save time.

✓ Transparency and fairness

  • Provision of calculation tools (e.g. working time calculator, pension calculator)
  • Scope of work and working hours in line
  • Anonymous job application opportunity

✓ Professional development

  • Management and professional career also possible in part-time
  • Enough time for training during normal working hours
  • Targeted succession planning, appreciation of experience, and introduction of knowledge management

✓ Expand your choices

  • Allowances in time or money
  • Overtime in time or money
  • Change of working time factor

✓ Work-life balance

  • 10 days of care leave per year for all
  • Earlier availability of the 6th holiday week
  • Plannable working hours, taking into account commuting and care responsibilities

✓ Empower employees

  • Entitlement to longer recreational blocks
  • Right to time off and pre-pension solutions
  • Entitlement to 4-day week

✓ Respect and appreciation in the workplace

  • Equal opportunities for a variety of life and work situations, regardless of gender, age and background
  • Introduction of volunteer days for voluntary work in ambulance service or fire brigade, in the community etc.
  • Confidence-based cooperation in the workplace, e.g. by expanding mobile work opportunities

✓ Reduce working pressure

  • No availability around the clock – free time without e-mails
  • Respect by managers for compliance with working time factor, consideration of predictability, need for recovery time
  • Reduction of work and success pressure through investment in personnel reserve


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