our principles

Principles of wir machen was

Principles of wmw in pdf version

we effectively represent the interests of the employees
The people first, solution-oriented dialogue with the management,
in case of conflict we side with the workforce, in key topics you participate in the desision making.

we know each other
Inclusion in the mailing list and invitations to events

we inform each other about “what is going on in the Group”
Exchange of current information, newsletter

we give great importance to discretion
Information that is designated as confidential is treated with discretion.

we treat each other with respect
Everyone can contribute ideas and suggestions, other opinions are respected.

we make decisions democratically
Decisions are made by the majority.

we recruit new members
Diversity of opinion is important to us, so we want to expand our network continuously.

we do not collect a membership fee
We are self financed, so we welcome voluntary contributions.

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