Why Employees´ Council?

What are the obligations of an employees’ council?

To ensure that your rights dont’t exist just on the paper.
Employees cannot always exercise their righs vis-à-vis the employer in an optimal way when they are on their own. The diversity and complexity of the issues involved is constantly growing.
Who is knowledgeable in the relevant legal rules, labor law, tax codes, pension rules, etc.?
The employee representatives of the list wir machen was underwent specific training and they have years of practical experience. Therefore, we represent you competently and achieve fair negotiation results. As an open platform, we are not tied to any political party.

What are the rights and obligations of the employees’ council?
The council is the legal representative of the employees vis-á-vis the management. It has certain rights and obligations, e.g.:

  • Monitoring compliance with the rights of employees, such as collective agreement, vacation law, occupational safety, etc.
  •  Conclusion of company agreements on topics such as working hours and training. The council can amend our company’s employment rules, even in key issues such as pension rights, pay reform, definitive employment and secondments. Therefore, it is anything but irrelevant who is elected to this important function.
  •  Certain decisions cannot be taken by the employer without the consent of the employees’ council, such as the introduction off appraisal and monitoring systems.
  •  Giving advice to employees in labor and employment law matters. Moreover, the employer has the obligation to inform the employees’ council about the economic situation of the company, about organizational changes, etc. .
  •  Your council intervenes when things do not quite work out the way they should, for example, at the aprraisal, education, payment or contract details, in case of termination, etc.
  •  Your council also informs you in the course of the company assemly, for example on current issues, upcoming negotiations and the use of council funds. At least quarterly, the management must inform the employees’ council on the economic development of the company and on planned actions, so that the employee representatives can take the necessary steps to uphold the interests of the staff.
  •  In addition, according to the Austrian Companies Act, employee representatives are delegated to the Supervisory Boards of Erste Bank Holding and Erste Bank Oesterreich. There, important decisions concerning the bank and its employees are taken.
  •  In Erste Foundation, the main shareholder of Erste Group, two employees’ council members are represented – one each from the Holdung and from Erste Bank Oesterreich. This is important because there they have a qualified right to participate in decisions. This affects the collective agreement and our employment rules.
  • Whenever transformations or rationalizations change the work contents of employees, or a more flexible working time model is to be introduced:
    In all these cases a strong employees’council is crucial, one that exercises its rights and duties in your best interest.

wir machen was – we do something. For you.

The employees’ council list wir machen was acts for you in an employee oriented fashion in Erste Bank Oesterreich and Erste Group Holding. It vehemently represents your interests with all of its strength.

Kurt Zangerle
Head of Employees’ Council
Erste Bank
wir machen was
Barbara Pichler
Head of Employees’ Council
Erste Group
wir machen was


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