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Erste Bank and Erste Group are facing great challenges and have many changes ahead:

  • There will be a change at the top of the Management Board in Erste Group.
  • Business and operating models are under scrutiny.
  • Digitization is still constantly progressing. From George to the back-office areas. It affects all of us, Erste Bank employees and Erste Group employees to the same degree. We need new skills for working methods and agile structures.

wir machen was fights for every single job.

Now, in these stormy/turbulent times, with changes for the employees ahead, it needs stability and experience in the employees’ council. Ilse Fetik and Barbara Pichler work closely together as chairwomen in Erste Bank and Erste Group, because that makes us stronger and better at representing your interests.
You can count on the team of wir machen was. We negotiate with the management on an equal footing and we remain persistent.

wir machen was has achieved a lot for you.

Think of the in-house kindergarten or the legal entitlement “time for care” and the jubilee money where you have the choice between time and money. We are the competent counterpart for all domestic and foreign employees from over fifty nations. Our strength is confidential and competent consulting.
We solve various concerns of apprentices, young professionals and experienced employees in retail and in operation. We increase the opportunities for women, we help the elderly and people with health restrictions and we advise people who want to plan their pre-pension phase.

wir machen was still wants to achieve more.

We want to strengthen you, increase your choices and give you new perspectives.
We fight for higher wages and a better reconcilability of work and your private life.
The success of this group depends on well trained, motivated and fair treated employees. They are the heart, brain and soul of the Erste family!

On our website you’ll find our goals for the next years and our candidates who come from all areas of both our companies.

With our experience and stability we keep the right course for you even in these stormy/turbulent times. Ilse Fetik and Barbara Pichler are running for Erste Bank and Erste Group with our joint list wir machen was for the employees` council chair.
We know that together we are stronger.

It’s all about your future, so head to the election and vote for the list

wir machen was.


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