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  Eduard Engel
Model Landscape
Credit Risk Models
Married (living separated), 2 adult sons
What I like: movies, theater, museum, good food, hiking, Xmas, preferably with my sons and more of my family and friends...

What do I bring in?
• 25 years of Group employment
• Stress resistance / calmness & serenity
• Good basis of trust, also with the colleagues from CEE, working here
• Several years of experience as an "operational" Department Steward, for an entire division

What's important to me?
• Equal opportunities for all employees
• Who has fun with and at work, works better
• Work must not make you sick

Why do I run for wir machen was?
• WMW is always on the side of the employees
• WMW nonetheless builds bridges to management
• WMW doesn΄t make secret arrangements