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  Michael Fehrenbach
Group Physical Security
Many colleagues already know me as a contact person in security matters, some also as father of three children. My professional career quickly took me from Carinthia to Vienna, where I worked for about 20 years in various positions in the Ministry of Defence. Successful as a professional officer in the private sector - is that possible? My personal experience shows that everything works in a company like ours. For me, the key to success is the willingness to learn from each other and to approach each other unconditionally.

Why do I run for wir machen was?
The common interest in the well-being of the employees unites security and the employees┤ council. The willingness to help and unconditionally support those colleagues who need us. That is what makes a team for me. This is how I have experienced "wir machen was" in recent years. That's why the decision to stand as a candidate was so easy for me. Even more - I am looking forward to the opportunity to work even harder for you together with this strong team.

What do I want to achieve especially:
It is very important to me that employees find a reliable contact person who can show solutions in difficult times. In addition to the broad spectrum that security covers anyway, equal treatment is my passion. That's why I also studied Legal Gender Studies at the Institute for Legal Gender Studies at JKU/Linz and deepened my knowledge in this area.