Candidate sheet  Erste Group    
  Regina Haberhauer
PM Securities Products
Personal facts:
54 years, family person, fond of nature and animals

What is important for me?
• to help where help is needed
• engagement for justice
• get through improvements
• fast and honest communication

Why do I run for wir machen was?
• wir machen was consists of many professional colleagues who have achieved a lot for the employees in the past.
• The opportunity to bring in my talents and abilities in this team and to effect something positive..
• The working world is becoming increasingly complex and requires a lot of know-how and wir machen was reflects the required skills.

What would I like to stand for especially?
• to be available for the concerns of our employees
• achieve pleasure of working through appreciation
• the opportunity to help, to shape and to make a difference

What I also want to say:
Happiness consists in the art, not to fret that the rosebush bears thorns, but to rejoice that the bush is growing roses. (Arab proverb)