Candidate sheet  Erste Group    
  Monika Kozempelová
Employees' Council
International Labour Relations Specialist
Personal facts
Single, Slovak nationality.
I lived from 2004 to 2015 in Ireland where I studied Business and worked in global financial services companies.
I keep saying: "Life is beautiful while kiteboarding." This is my favorite sport.
I speak Slovak, Czech, English, understand Polish, and I am busy learning German.

What do I contribute
• 2 years of experience as chairwoman of Erste Group (EGSC) trade union in Bratislava.
• Graduate of UNI Europa Finance Youth Academy – UNI Global Union.
  Gained profound impact connections with unionists internationally.
• Experience as International Labour Relations Specialist in wir machen was.
• Providing international knowledge and support for cross-border employees.

What is important to me
• Fighting discrimination as an essential part of creation of decent workplace.
• Ongoing improvement of working conditions.
• Employees are put always first.
• Advising and educating international employees on changes in AT Labour Code.

These issues are close to my heart
• Being a dependable part of each employees’ life.
• Work Life Balance.
• Equal opportunities for all.