Candidate sheet  Erste Group    
  Andreas Lachs
Employees' Council
Personal facts:
married, 1 son (22 years)
22 years in Erste Bank as a market risk manager
I have lived in New York for 3 years (1991-1993). I am married to a Korean, and I speak English at home. I have friends all over the globe.

What do I contribute?
• 12 years of experience as employee representative, alumnus of the Employee Representative Academy
• Member of the supervisory board of VBV-­Pensionskasse (our pension fund manager)
• Tolerance and patience – I can get along with "difficult" people
•   but also persistence and target orientation when there is something to push through
• While working in Market Risk Management, I cooperated intensively with our foreign branches and subsidiaries
• I see myself as representative of our international colleagues in Erste Group, and I gained exciting hands-on experience through my significant role in the union project in our Bratislava office.

What is important for me?
• that in hard times the weak are not being left neglected,
•   but also hard work must be appreciated and paid for fairly.
• Laws, contracts and promises must be observed!

Why do I run for wir machen was?
• Because it is by far the largest list with an enormous diversity.
• Because we have representatives from all areas of the Holding.
• Because wir machen was is networked in many subsidiaries – this is important so that the representation of the Group's workforce cannot be split apart.
• Because the nicest colleagues are with wir machen was!