Candidate sheet  Erste Group    
  Barbara Pichler
Head of Employees' Council Erste Group
Personal facts
married, 2 children (11 year old daughter and 9 year old son)
I love doing activities with my family, I like going to the theater, and I enjoy meeting with my friends.

What do I contribute
• More than 20 years of experience as employee representative
• Head of list of wir machen was in Erste Group
• A profound training and a lot of commitment for the employees' council's tasks
• Curiosity, constant questioning and an ability to "see the bigger picture"

What is important to me
• Despite online media, apps and tools – interpersonal communication remains important.
• To imagine yourself in the position of others is a sign of respect and appreciation.
• Employees are the heart, brain and soul of a company – especially in difficult times.
• If something changes, then it should permanently improve.

These issues are close to my heart
• Work Life Balance
• Respect for the privacy rights of employees
• A trusting and open cooperation with employees and management
• Career prospects and job stability for all employees in a healthy and challenging working environment
• Participation and involvement of the employees
• The company kindergarten MiniCampus is a very special personal concern to me.