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  Andreas Slama
s IT Solutions
Branch & Facilities
Personal Facts:
55 years old, three sons 21, 19 and 11 years old
Hobbies: Sailing, Music, Oldtimers

Why do I run for wir machen was?
• wir machen was primarily stands up for all employees
• wir machen was is the most professional contact for all staff requests
• wir machen was offers the most competent network
• wir machen was stands for cultural and opinion diversity
• wir machen was is respectful and absolutely discreet

What’s important to me:
• to personally keep in touch with the employees
• appreciation and respect even in case of “hot discussion”
• target-oriented seeking of solutions
• to listen actively and let each person finish speaking

These issues are close to my heart:
• equity and fairness for all employees
• protection of employees’ data privacy
• modern appreciative management instead of monitoring and control
• workplace bullying and discrimination is a “NO GO” (here and elsewhere)
• only satisfied colleagues have pleasure at work