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wir machen was
is the employees’ council list that chairs the works council in Erste Bank and Erste Group
wir machen was is an effective representation of the interests of the people in the Erste Bank Group
wir machen was consists of a network of over 500 people and numerous experts in-house as well as in AK, GPA, ÖGB, PVA, ÖGK, etc. 

wir machen was has an intensive cooperation with the employees’ councils in the group and the savings banks, and chairs the European Employees’ Council

What sets wir machen was apart?   

  • Professional expertise through well-trained employees’ council members
  • Years of experience
  • Negotiating strength and on an equal footing with the employer
  • Diversity of opinions and good networking, so that we can draw on the experience and expertise of our colleagues in the whole group
  • Individual advice and solution finding, we take care of every concern
  • We approach every topic with persistence and passion
  • We really do something for everyone!
  • Mouthpiece for our colleagues
  • We enjoy the trust of many colleagues and place the highest value on discretion

What are the advantages of being a member of the network of wir machen was?    

  • Receive current information via e-maill 
  • Invitation to the summer party  
  • Opportunity to contribute ideas and suggestions  
  • Discuss and form our positions  

 How do I become a member of wir machen was?   

By filling in ourDeclaration of Support!  

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