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  Jürgen Baudissin
Corporate Operations AT
Commercial Real Estate & Group Large Corporates
Personal facts:
45 years old, married, 2 children (a five year old daughter, a six months old son)
I am a family man with a penchant for nature. As a Bavarian, I need the mountains like others the air for breathing.

What's important to me?
• To look where others look away
• To commit myself to others and to a good cause
• To make no empty promises
• To take responsibility for one's actions

Why do I run for wir machen was?
• Because only a strong employees' council can get things moving

These issues are close to my heart:
• That colleagues have the feeling that they are actually represented by the employees' council.
• To illustrate the work and the importance of the employees' council, especially to our colleagues from the CEE countries in Erste Group.